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Float-ology Prices

  • 1hr float £40 per person
  • 3 Float Package £110
  • Osteomyology 40 minute Initial consultation & treatment (spinal adjustments) £65 per person
  • 30 minute Follow up treatment £50 per person
  • 1hr float + Osteomyology  treatment (spinal adjustments) £105 Per person.
  • Osteomyology + Crystal Chakra rebalance £120 per person
  • 1hr Float + Osteomyology + Crystal Chakra Rebalance £175 per person
  • 1hr Float + Crystal Chakra Rebalance £100 per person
  •  40 min Crystal Chakra Rebalance with a crystal to take home £65 per person


Individual private sessions £100 Per person

Group sessions (minimum 3 people) £35 Per Person


30 min session £15 per person

Block booking of 3×30 min session £40

The single float is a way for you to experience the world of floatation. Although you can make savings by purchasing the 3-float package…


Why a 3 float package?

While a single float is of course beneficial and a wonderful experience, it is widely accepted that While a 3-float package is best for beginners as this allows you to get accustomed to the environment, maximise the benefits and really explore it over a short period.

As a recent study noted:
“The enhanced effects of REST (Restricted Environment Stimulation Technique) on well-being found in the long-term studies suggest that the effects of REST become stronger through repeated exposure. ”

Flotation restricted environmental stimulation therapy (REST) as a stress-management tool: A meta-analysis , Van Dierendonck & Nijenhuis 2004


Get the PURE float experience at Huddersfield Sanctuary

Huddersfield Sanctuary is located in the Colne Valley area of West Yorkshire. HS has been established for more than 5 years as a forward thinking and dynamic natural health centre for all. Our aim is to provide natural and effective treatments to enhance and improve the health of everybody ranging from babies to the golden generation. HS is the home to the only Floatation Pod, (Float-ology) in West, South, East Yorkshire and Humber. HS also have Osteomyologist – Manipulative therapist, pregnancy massage therapists, relaxation massage therapists and baby massage courses.

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